Vaida`s hat and top I created from toilet paper and peonies. It is amazing what a different looks and purposes we can achieve from the same material.


From boring office work to Instagram star.

Vaida’s story is one more proof that you always need to listen to your inner voice and do what brings the most joy to the heart.

It was love for fashion that brought the girl out of the boring office to the Instagram podium, where she now earns more than ever before. Gifts are often brought to her home, while her inspiration and ideas for new projects, which not only make Instagram followers happy, but also help Instagram creators and businesses, continue to come to her mind.

Look forward to the sequel of the project THE GIANT and its heroine Vaida.

Vaida’s path as a blogger started from her love for fashion more than six years ago. We were interested to know, HOW?

Vaida shared how her story began. When she was shopping in the centre of London, passers-by in shops and on the street stopped to ask her where she got one or the other piece of her outfit. One day, when Vaida was asked by a dozen of women about her combination of clothes, she shared her impressions of the day with her husband. After hearing this, the man offered her to create a blog, where she could share her combinations. That’s how Vaida’s blog was born and later the Instagram profile was created. When the platform became more popular, Vaida’s account also grew. Along with the growth of the platform, Vaida’s understanding that she wants to give more than just fashion advice to the audience also grew. She wanted to help others to use Instagram by sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years. This is how another project - - was born.

Over the last few years, we’ve probably all noticed how much we can achieve while using social media correctly. It is a platform with more audience than television, which we can reach without significant financial investment. How can we do it? This is what Vaida teaches in her account and helps people to turn their businesses into successful ones and make their dreams come true.

Look forward to the sequel of the project THE GIANT and its heroine Vaida.

When we asked the heroine of our project The Giant, what was the hardest thing, Vaida confessed that the hardest thing in the first place was to distance herself from the mania of numbers and stop thinking about numbers of “like” or “follow”. When one starts using Instagram, it is very easy to become addicted to numbers, it can diminish all beauty of content creation, and the work itself can become debilitating. She handled this task perfectly.

The biggest encouragement to Vaida is her family and, of course, the support of the audience. She does all this because she is interested in fashion and likes to share her accumulated knowledge with others. Vaida gets a positive boost when she is creating a content as she likes the creative process. At the same time, warm and positive feedback after Instagram training motivates her to move on and give even more to the audience.

Vaida has several goals and dreams. At the professional level, she wants to organize live Instagram training with a friendly company of girls. She has already been very close to this goal, but the pandemic interfered her plans. She hopes that this objective can be achieved in the near future. She also dreams of working with high fashion designers such as Chanel, YSL, Dior. By the way, she has already worked together with Dior, only with their beauty products for now. Vaida has high hopes to succeed and to work with the fashion line as well.

Is there something she regrets the most, or what she would like to change? Vaida replies that she is happy here and now, she does not want to look back and try to change what she cannot. Of course, if it was her will, she would like her mother to be with her again, but God took her earlier than she wanted. Though, if she could go, say, 10 years back, she would change the only thing - she would buy her own house, because the prices at that time were much more favourable than they are now.

For herself when she was 20-year-old, Vaida would have wished to start thinking about her own business as early as possible and to invest into business skills.

In the end, Vaida’s regards for humanity. The problems of land conservation concern her very much and she would like everyone to contribute to the preservation of the planet by reducing pollution. Even small steps, such as the use of recycled materials, are already a big advantage.