Nesta`s collar I made from black color paper. I had to spend quit a lot of time by doing some rolling.... but it was worth it. Agree?


How the leaflets girl became PMU Queen

Meet Ernesta, known to everyone as Nesta.

The first impression of Nesta – a strong, successful, unconditionally self-confident ice queen. How often do you have a preconceived opinion about a person who you haven’t got to know yet?

We meet Nesta and when she says her first words the warmth, the good, the positivity spreads. The more we talk, the brighter the personality of this girl blooms. When dealing with Nesta, it would be easy to believe that she has always been so strong and aware of what she wanted from life. However, what Nesta has now, the girl has earned through hard work, stubbornness, and a firm self-belief.

Nesta arrived in England straight after graduating school and with only fifty pounds in her pocket started her journey in foreign country. The help from close friends who have accommodated and guided her to get the paperwork in order is highly appreciated by Nesta up until today.

As a young girl who has not yet found herself, without knowing and fully understanding where to realize herself, Nesta has tried working in many different positions – as a maid in hotels, as a waitress in coffee shops, delivering leaflets and many more. As Nesta herself says, she was forced to close many doors due to her strong, stubborn, and not acceptable character (well not acceptable to everyone to be precise). But you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?

Seeing that work and place were not for her, Nesta was quick to decide to quit and look further. The young woman also had to find out the bitter feeling of being fired. Even though this could have been a crushing and devastating punch to many but not to the participant of our project. For this determined girl this only gave her even more motivation to move forward. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Frequent changes in jobs did not make Nesta’s parents happy. They were concerned their daughter did not want to undertake any studies in a tenacious search for herself. Although Nesta had a pretty good reason why. She was adamant that it was not worth wasting one’s time at university when one doesn’t know if they really wanted to devote the rest of their life to the profession they will acquire while studying. However, it was the parents who, while questioning the whim of their daughter, helped by buying the firs beauty treatments table, which was the beginning of a new, successful career. Little did they know that this investment will pay off and more. Nesta is now one of the best-known permanent make-up artists in the UK, as well as founder of “Beauty by Nesta” brand, and a master at “Agnes Permanent”, where she runs trainings in England and beyond.

Do many of us know the feeling of going to work as if going to a party, as we Lithuanians like to say when someone highly enjoys their job? Not many, right? Well, the way Nesta feels about her job is the precise definition of the saying. The girl sacredly believes that when one finds their true passion only then can live their life to the fullest, loving every minute, appreciating, and thanking for every second.

"Don't be afraid to take risks, don't think about what others will say. No matter how impossible it may seem, or how and when things will fall into places, it doesn't matter. Just don't be afraid to take risks” - insists Nesta. – “If you feel with all your heart or you have an instinct to change something - do it". Nesta’s advice – do not waste your precious time. If you feel something is not for you - stand up and leave. It's very simple. Perhaps not easy, but simple and possible. Nesta is convinced everything that happens in our lives is meant to be and it is up to us whether we accept it as a lesson, motivation or let the negativity hold us back. "You have to believe in the sun, into nature, into the smile and be able to enjoy small things."

After completely changing her perception of life and having a positive view to everything that was happening around her, along with meditation, regular energy purification and yoga, Nesta started to attract people radiating completely different energy. Things started to go well. However, we all know there are people who fall into the traps of jealousy and try to throw one of their tracks especially when that someone is succeeding. Unfortunately, Nesta had to experience this sort of negativity as well – jealousy, gossip, deceit. Yes, it was hard, sad, painful. But according to Nesta only unhappy and bitter people would try and put someone down. She learned how to distance herself from ill meaning individuals and not to waste the energy and time paying attention to all the negativities. She devotes herself and her strength to things that bring happiness and joy. The young woman’s only true desire is to live a quiet, peaceful life with the lightness in the heart simply knowing that all is well. So, she can leave something bright, pleasant, and meaningful after her presence on this Earth.

When asked what the biggest motivation was to achieve the goals Nesta responds firmly and without thinking much that it was primarily herself and everything she does is for herself. She knew she wanted to be her own boss, to have the financial freedom, to answer to no one. She was certain this goal would be achieved, believed in herself and her worth.

How motivational does that sound? This girl speaks the word of truth – everything we do we must do it for ourselves first!

Nesta is one of those people who exploits so-called failures and stumbles as a driving force to move forward. Admits that the road to success has been bumpy and stony, but as Nesta herself has repeatedly said - some will stumble and cry that it hurts, others will get up and shoot forward as rockets to the sky.

When we ask what she would like to wish for 20-year-old herself, Nesta laughs and says it might be more stubbornness, then perhaps all the goals would have been achieved more quickly. At the same time, says that she has no regrets in her life and would not want to change anything, because all the experiences, both good and bad, have led her to the present where she is the happiest.

We are ending this beautiful and motivational story with Nesta’s wish for both you and all mankind: "Be good, radiate good energy, enjoy everything that comes into your life, because everything that comes is for you and you have to experience it to the fullest. I wish we would all live without anger, gossip, made up stories and without jealousy. Think less about what people will say – what difference will that make? Even if you will attempt to do everything correct according to the rules there will always be someone to whom you will be wrong. Never be afraid to take risks. After all, the saying – who won’t risk, wont drink champagne – seems to be true”.