Hi my name is Auguste Stamulyte I was born in the small city of Ukmerge, in Lithuania.

I opened my first flower shop, at the age of 20. Roses are red, violets are blue, at that time for floristry, this was how much I knew. Running any business at that age is difficult but running business where you have no experience nor knowledge about the industry is even harder. My first colleague and co-owner was my sister Jurga who showed me the beauty of floristry and assisted me in running the shop.

I managed to run this business for three years, however, due to unpredictable circumstances I was forced to close the shop. There are a couple of things that remained with me from that business adventure, the bitter taste of failure and the love for floristry.

Shortly after closing down my flower shop I decided to move to London and build upon my talent and floristry skills.

In 2013 I enrolled with the LESOCO College where I finished my level 3 Diploma at floristry and also I was awarded student of the year. During my studying time, I have volunteered in Oxford flower show, where I had the pleasure to work with amazing florist designers, such as Carles Jubany Fontanillas, Joseph Massie, and The Late Stijn Simaeys and they have all inspired me to aim for bigger achievements.

Following my study, I decided to gain more experience as to work on the field and this is when I started working for Christine Floral Design. Working there gave me the opportunity to participate in the preparation of Epsom Darby horse race where, me and the team, had to create floral designs to decorate all Epsom Downs Race course venue including the room and the balcony for the Royal family.

In 2016, I went through Chelsea Heats final and participated at RHS Chelsea Flower Show where I managed to gain a Silver-guild medal, as presenting a floral kite.

Now I am a mum of amazing little boy, who is inspiring me to be a better version of myself. I am trying to make sure that I am showing good example to him. Such as be kind, help others and myself, do what I love and that I feel is my path, no matter how many times I have failed.

Floristry is an art where human and nature combine in one perfect creation.